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Fiber Optical Multiplexers   FoMUX    4 / 8 / 16 E1 + Fast/ Gigabit Ethernet  


    The FoMUX series provides solution to transmit 4-16 E1 and Fast/ Gigabit Ethernet over optical fiber. It extends the transmission distance up to 200 km over dual fiber or single-fiber cable. The E1 is transparent and in full rate, which can support the E1 framed and unframed mode, including fractional E1. It provides multiple broadband transmission capacities over single mode fiber for point-to-point connectivity. The FoMUX shall be a stand-alone unit, which can be either placed on a desktop or mounted in a standard 19" rack.

Media Converters   NFG/ NF series    Gigabit/ Fast Ethernet  


  Media Converters NFG/ NF series are used to extend the connection distance between two copper Gigabit/ Fast Ethernet devices via fiber cable transparently with no performance degradation. The series supports a single mode fiber up to 200 km. They are also available in dual fiber or single-fiber (Bi-Di) options. It can be used as a standalone device or mounted with a standard 19" chassis.

SFP modules  155 Mbps | 1.25 Gbps | 2.5 Gbps | 10 Gbps


    SFP ( Small Form-factor Pluggable ) is a compact transceiver used for telecommunication applications. Signal transmitting rate of these modules range from 155Mbps up to 4Gbps or more, working distance can be from 0,5 to 240 km. SFP is also hot plugable, this make it easy to change and easy for maintenance compared with traditional modules.